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No (or Low) Cost Notary

Our Notary services are just like the name says, No or Low cost.

No Cost:

Low Cost:

• Senior Citizens
• Any of our Insurance Clients
• Veterans

Anyone not eligible for No Cost Notary Services will get all Notarial Events at 1/2 off the rate set by the Secretary of State.  Instead of the cost being $15 per signature, your cost will be $7.50 per signature.
We can meet at your home/apartment, at the hospital, skilled nursing facility, local coffee shop, bank, escrow office, or anywhere you would feel comfortable.  If we need to meet outside the Menifee valley, then a small travel fee will be charged.  Typically our travel fees are $10 to $20 depending on the distance. We can always meet near us to avoid this fee.

Call us today to schedule your Notary Signing at (951) 200-3500, option 3.